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Xs W 18,000″ / 457.2mm

Xs W 18,000 system

Using this proven system can be relatively economic when drilling shallow holes in soft ground conditions.

The wings are deployed when the rotation is engaged, drilling a sufficiently large diameter so that the casing can pass through the hole with enough clearance

Xs W 18,000″ / 457.2mm


Xs W 18,000″ / 457.2mm System Measurements

Technical Data:

Casing OD 18,000" 457.2mm
Max. Wall 0,437" 11mm
Extended OD (A) 18,875" 479.4mm
Retracted OD (B) 16,300" 414mm
Driver OD (C) 17,050" 433mm
Drive Shoe ID (D) 16,390" 416.3mm
Hammer Size 15" 381mm

Product number:

Drive shoe (add casing wall at the end) SSO-XSW414-18.0X***
Complete Kit (add shank type at the end) XS-W-K18.0/414/***
Replacement Wings kit XS-W-W18.0
Replacement Driver Bit (add shank type at the end) XS-W-DR18.0/414/***
Replacement Retaining Pins kit XS-W-P18.0