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Xs W 16,000″ / 406.4mm

Xs W 16,000 system

Using this proven system can be relatively economic when drilling shallow holes in soft ground conditions.

The wings are deployed when the rotation is engaged, drilling a sufficiently large diameter so that the casing can pass through the hole with enough clearance

Xs W 16,000″ / 406.4mm


Xs W 16,000″ / 406.4mm System Measurements

Technical Data:

Casing OD 16,000" 406.4mm
Max. Wall 0,375" * 9.5mm*
Extended OD (A) 16,875" 428.6mm
Retracted OD (B) 14,365" 365mm
Driver OD (C) 15,100" 383.4mm
Drive Shoe ID (D) 14,450" 367mm
Hammer Size 12" 304.8mm
* ,513"/13mm option advailable upon request

Product number:

Drive shoe (add casing wall at the end) SSO-XSW365-16X***
Complete Kit (add shank type at the end) XS-W-K16.0/375/***
Replacement Wings kit XS-W-W16.0
Replacement Driver Bit (add shank type at the end) XS-W-DR16.0/375/***
Replacement Retaining Pins kit XS-W-P16.0