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Xs S 4,500″ / 114.3mm

Xs S 4,500 system

This system is used for deep hole drilling when permanent casing installation and sub drilling are required


– Best crown life on the market

– Makes a bigger hole in bedrock when sub drilling.

Most popular applications:

– Water well and Geothermal well

Xs S 4,500″ / 114.3mm


Xs S 4,500″ / 114.3mm System Measurements


Technical Data:

Casing OD 4,500" 114.3mm
Max. Wall 0,197" 5mm
Crown OD (A) 5,250" 133.4mm
Crown ID (B) 3,900" 99.1mm
Crown A/F (C) 3,450" 87.6mm
Driver OD 4,050" 102.9mm
Sq. Bit OD 3,850" 97.8mm
Hammer Size 3" / 3,5" 76.2mm/88.9mm

Product number:

Standard Crown XS-S-CR4.50/PLUS
SA Crown (severe application) XS-S-CR4.50/SA
Driver Bit (add shank type at the end) XS-S-DR4.50/***
Square Bit (add shank type at the end) XS-S-BI4.50/***