Manufacturer of drilling tools since 1985, GeoRocFor is recognized worldwide as the overburden casing system specialist

Only authorized manufacturer of the patented Xs drill overburden system, an innovative concept allowing to drill and case a hole at the same time using a full face design.

Founded in 1985 in Sherbrooke, Canada, Georocfor is dedicated to producing innovative products that increase productivity in the drilling field.

The company’s costumers are among the most prosperous of the industry and they can count on easy access to Georocfor’s casing systems specialists.

The company offers 9 different systems depending of the work that needs to be performed.

Along with the Xs Drill system, Georocfor also manufactures:

Georocfor has a group of technicians to help in the design of any customized products and has the production capacity to be able to deliver a personalized product within a short time period. Our products can easily be exported anywhere in the world due to their proximity with the Canadian-USA border and to the Montreal port and airport.

We offer technical support to customers in house or on job site