This patented overburden casing system has become more and more popular amongst users of both ring bit and eccentric drilling equipment. It is the Easiest and Fastest way to drill and case a hole at the same time in difficult overburden conditions. We offer different systems depending on if the casing is left in the ground or if it needs to be retrieved, the depth of the hole and different other variables.

With a variety of casing shoe designs, it is adaptable to all casing needs. However, the Xs Drill TM system is found to be particularly useful in deep overburden where rocks and boulders are a problem.

The Xs Drill TM system is simple in operation and has many advantages over conventional techniques: The same large DTH hammer is used for setting the casing and for sub-drilling. For example, when setting 6 5/8″ O.D. casing, a full size 6″ hammer can be used. The use of a 6″ hammer offers advantages over using the conventional 5″ hammer, adding more blow energy and greater flushing air at depth. These advantages result in faster drilling and greater depth capability.

When the casing has been set, the same 6″ hammer and special 6″ diameter drill bit (Square bit TM) can be passed through the casing crown to continue drilling a 6″ diameter hole to the desired sub-casing depth.