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Xs RU 10,750” / 273mm

Xs RU 10,750 system

This system is used when casing needs to be retrieved. Possibility of reutilizing the crown in a Severe Application configuration.

Advantages:    – Best crown life on the market

                         – Drills just slightly bigger than the casing

Most popular applications:

Anchoring, geothermal well, horizontal, piling, micropiling and site investigation

Xs RU 10,750” / 273mm


Xs RU 10,750″ / 273mm System Measurements


Technical Data:

Casing OD 10,750" 273mm
Max. Wall 0,875" 22.2mm
Crown OD (A) 11,250" 285.8mm
Crown ID (B) 8,210" 208.5mm
Driver OD 8,840" 224.5mm
Hammer Size 8" 203.2mm

Product number:

Standard Crown XS-RU-CR10.75/PLUS
SA Crown (severe application) XS-RU-CR10.75/SA
Driver BIt (add shank type at the end) XS-RU-DR10.75/***