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Xs GT 7,000″-2 / 177.8mm -2

Xs GT 7,000-2 system

This system is used for moderate to deep hole drilling when permanent casing installation is required. Casing installation and bedrock drilling is done with the same driver bit.  The diameter of the socket in bedrock is equal to the casing ID. 

Advantages:  – Best pass through system on the market

                        – More convenient

                        – Installation of the casing and rock drilling                                with the same driver bit.

Most popular applications:

Piling, micropiling and site investigation

Xs GT 7,000″-2 / 177.8mm -2


Xs GT 7,000″ / 177.8mm -2 System Measurements


Technical Data:

Casing OD 7,000" 177.8mm
Max. Wall 0,375" 9.5mm
Crown OD (A) 8,000" 203.2mm
Crown ID (B) 6,275" 159.4mm
Crown A/F (C) 5,600" 142.2mm
Driver OD 6,188" 157.2mm
Hammer Size 6" 152.4mm

Product number:

Standard Crown XS-GT-CR7.00-2/PLUS
SA Crown (severe application) XS-GT-CR7.00-2/SA
Driver BIt (add shank type at the end) XS-GT-DR7.00-2/***