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Xs FP 4,000” / 101.6mm

Xs FP 4,000 system

This is the most economical system for permanent casing installation in shallow to moderate hole drilling.

Advantages: –Very good impact surface

                       -Very easy to lock/unlock

                       (especially in NLS configuration)

Most popular applications:

Forepoling, exploration and seismic wells

Xs FP 4,000” / 101.6mm


Xs FP 4,000″ / 101.6mm System Measurements

Technical Data:

Casing OD 4,000" 101.6mm
Max. Wall ,355" 9mm
Crown OD (A) 4,500" 114.3mm
Crown ID (B) 2,750" 69.9mm
Driver OD 3,200" 81.3mm
Thread Size T45

Product number:

Standard Crown XS-FP-CR4.00
NLS Driver Bit (*** add thread type) XS-FP-DR4.00/***NLS
Locking Driver Bit (*** add thread type) XS-FP-DR4.00/***